Switchposters United for Justice

Welcome to Switchposters United for Justice

Howdy, pardner! You may have seen a link to SPUFJ in a .sig on Usenet or a mailing list. You may be wondering what a switchposter is, and why they have to unite to get justice.

My name is, among other things (but we’ll get to that) Amelia Bjornsdottir, and I am an infrequent Usenet poster. Mostly just shooting the shit with the occasional trolls like VanguardLH and Adam Kerman I come across, and posting about my drought anxieties.

Most literally, a switchposter is someone who may alternate between top, bottom, and through-quoting.

The SPUFJ statement of belief is as follows:

Usenet trolls: be on notice.

Everyone else: consider becoming a switchposter.